Tamte Travel

Tamte Travel is a network of niche travel agencies aimed at having fun and doing good where you go. 
Each agency is a luxury philanthropic travel agency with the goal to "Connect, Help and Love the world we're in". 


Zone Travel

Focused on Earth and animal conservation, Zone Travel offers preset and custom vacations around the world! 



RISE Travel

RISE Travel is an advocacy and education based agency dedicated to showing up and speaking out! 

This agency helps businesses and organizations plan travel and logistics to and from marches/rallies/conferences and other large meetings and events around the world. 



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Forged Voyage

For the LGBTQ+ Traveler.

Travel isn't always comfortable for the LGBTQ+ family, whether alone or with partners. 
Going to the wrong area of the world, staying at a homophobic resort or choosing the wrong kind of cruise may be (at best) uncomfortable, or (at worst) be downright dangerous. 

We have forged a path for you. 

Not to worry, straight allies! We are gay travel, and straight-friendly