Tamte Travel

Tamte Travel is a network of niche travel agencies aimed at having fun and doing good where you go. 
Each agency is a luxury philanthropic travel agency with the goal to "Connect, Help and Love the world we're in". 


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My name is Christian Tamte... 

I've been in the travel industry for over 12 years and I want to change the way we travel. 

Everything started with Zone Travel in 2015. I wanted to start focusing on ways that we can enjoy our vacations and also help the communities we visit. 
While some may prefer to spend an entire vacation giving back, I realized that with our busy work schedules and family lives and holidays... we just don't have the time to devote to the needs of others in this way! 
I hated having to choose between a relaxing, fun filled, sightseeing, beach lounging vacation... and helping the communities and people that made my time at those locations, even possible. 

So, we are merging the two concepts! 

Tamte Travel is a network of niche travel agencies. 

Each agency has it's own feel and type of vacation (from road trips to foodie travel to living like a local). 

Each agency has a philanthropic mission.
You can donate, learn about the cause or even participate in a volunteer activity one day of your vacation!  (Don't worry, it's probably something you'd like to do anyway! Like snorkeling with dolphins or feeding elephants.)
We know it's your vacation, so this is always optional, never mandatory! 

We aren't alone in this quest, as we grow, we are partnering with some other pretty amazing travel agencies that have a similar focus! 

Together, we can all Connect, Help and Love the world we're in.